How to compare money transfer services?


It’s important to know that the solution to send money abroad you will use varies according to your needs. Numerous money transfer services are possible to transfer your money but they are all different. Some points have to be compared to find the best service and the best way for you to send money internationally.


Use a money transfer comparison tool

I suggest you to use a money transfer comparison tool to save time and money. Thanks to this kind of tool, you will find the best way to send your money abroad in one-click only. Totally transparent, it suggests you in real-time the best solutions according to a very performant algorithm. It’s totally free for the user (you) and it’s always in real-time. What do you need more?


Compare the exchange rate of every solution

You have to compare the exchange rate used by all the services. This exchange rate directly impacts the price of your money transfer. You may know that a lot of money transfer services apply fees named “hidden fees” on the exchange rate. These fees explain the difference between the exchange rates of any money transfer services.

Focus on the 3 important criterias

When you compare money transfer services, you have to focus on the 3 most important criterias to find the best solution according to your needs.

If you want to find the cheapest operator, you have to choose the best exchange rate for your money transfer.
If you want the fastest way to send your money, you have to choose the operator which allows you to send your money instantly or in 1 day.
If you want to send your money easily, you have to choose the option with the best marks (9/10).


Compare the payment method

The payment method is a pain. It modifies the cost of your money transfer for each service you use.
If you take care about it, you won’t have any suprise.

Moreover, the payment method varies according to the operator, it’s possible that you can pay by credit card with Azimo for example but not with Worldremit.

At the end, thanks to those steps, you will find the best operator to send your money abroad without surprise during your money transfer. I suggest you to compare every solution before each money transfer because the exchange rate can vary during the day so the cheapest solution can change as well.