How should you use money transfer services if you are an expatriate


If you are working abroad as an expatriate, change are high that you know a bit about money transfer. But do you know what are the best money transfer services you can used? The good news is that you have a lot of options and many good ones you probably never heard about. Here is an overview of the best money transfer services you can find and how to use them at its full.


  1. Learn to find the best money transfer services

What is your the best ways to know if a service is good or not ? By looking at the others customers reviews! Money transfer is a services and thousand of expatriates like you uses them to send money back to their home country. So if you want to have a slight impression and make the right choice, you should first find a trusted sources to find answers. Trustpilot is a very reliable source of reviews. This website can also to find new money transfer actors as a lot of them have appeared in the last years. Of course you can check money transfer companies such as Western Union, Moneygram or even Ria Money. But did you know that challenger such as Transferwise or Azimo can offer better price ?

Don’t forget that transfer money companies can be good for a country / zone and not for another. Try to find people who share the same characteristics than you while making an opinion !

  1. Compare money transfer services

Once you have identified the companies that might interested you, the best way to validate your intuition is to use a comparison tool. These platforms will help you to make to right choose considering the cost, the readability and the delay. Because the exchange rate is always evolving, money transfer services evolves too. From one day to another, transferring the same amount of money won’t cost you the same.