Best user reviews for money transfer services such as Transferwise, Western Union and Paypal


I’ve been working in an association over the last 16 years. My association is non lucrative and its goal is to help migrant people in their daily life. One of the interesting part of the help I gave them was their reaction concerning money transfer services. They needed to use such services in order to send money back to their family in Africa and Asia: my friends mainly sent money back to India, Philippines and Nigeria. Here are their best reviews about money transfer services such as Transferwise, Western Union and Paypal.



Transferwise money transfer user review

My friend was transferring money from Europe to the Philippines and one day I asked him about his thoughts. Actually he found out about Transferwise by using moneytis tool. It’s a comparison for money transmitters. According to him Transferwise was the cheapest way for him to send money back to his country but at the moment of our discussion the prices had changed and it was not the case anymore. Never mind. Here is what he said about Transferwise: “when I first came on the website I felt good because it’s a beautiful one. It was said they fought the banks and I was happy about that because I knew my bank was charging me a lot of fees just to send money internationally. I used Transferwise quite easily the 3 first times. Afterwards I was asked ID documents and I had to scan my passport and utility bills and then to upload it to them. Indeed I reached a certain amount and they needed a security. I would probably have kept using my bank if I knew I had this to do but because I started using it I made the effort to scan and upload documents. Now that it’s not the cheapest anymore to send money back to my country, as I saw on moneytis website, I don’t have the energy to change operator but I will if the gap becomes too high ”

Western Union interesting service review

Another friend/customer was using Western Union to send money back to Nigeria. I mentioned him that moneytis was able to tell him whether he currently had the cheapest way and here is what he wrote back to me “my god, I thought Western Union was free because their advertising says so. I just realized they take huge fees which are hidden in the exchange rate. I didn’t know there were other money transfer services and I found  more than 5 money transfer services reviews about cheaper solution than Western Union to transfer money to Nigeria. Thank you for your help”

Paypal best user review

Paypal is something different. An Indian friend was using it to get paid from the US to India and realized how expensive it was thanks to a comparison service, again… “ok, they sent me the money transmitter review. Now I know. By discussing with moneytis team through their website chat I also received the official rates of Paypal. 3.5% on the exchange rate plus an additional 3.5% for each payment. I paid 7% fees. It means $1500 more I could have received using another service. However Paypal is quite easy to use that’s why I’m waiting for another easy to use money transfer service. Hope my opinion helps you in your research”

There are thousands of ways to send money abroad. We count more than 2 new money transfer services every week. Their reviews are necessary in order to make things simple for current and future users.