5-steps checklist to choose the best money transfer service


More and more money transfer services exist and allow you to send your money from one country to another. When you have to send your money, itโ€™s difficult to know what is the first step and what is the difference between every solutions. To determine the best money transfer service, you have to follow these steps.

Step 1 : What are your needs?

When you have to send money abroad from a country to another one, you have to ask yourself what are your needs.

To do it, ask yourself these questions:

  • How much you want to send
  • Which country do you want to send money from?
  • Which country do you want to send money to?
  • How long the money transfer must take?
  • How do you want to pay? (credit card, bank transfer, cash, etc.)
  • How do you or the recipient want to receive the money? (bank account. cash, mobile wallet, etc.)

You have all the answers? This is a good start.

Step 2 : Compare all the money transfer services

You have 2 solutions to do it :

  • Go on google and look for the best money transfer service scrolling the web page after page, taking a lot
  • Use a money transfer services comparison tool, such as Moneytis.com. It will give you in one-click all the information you need to find the best solution.

Step 3 : Analyze the results

Ok, now you have you needs and all the information about every money transfer services.

You have to cross both to analyze and find which service suits the best your case.

Moneytis propose you a best solution, but it does not mean it will be YOUR best solution. You follow me?

For example, if you want the fastest way to send you money abroad, it’s not necessary the best solution on Moneytis.

Check all your results and find the one for you. It’s like a wedding commitment, trust me.



Step 4 : Use the best money transfer service

Now, you have chosen the best money transfer service you found.

It’s a really easy step: follow the process to make your money transfer.

Step 5 : Receive your money and make your dreams come true

Some days later, according to the solution you chose, you will receive your money. It’s the best step of sending money abroad. Now you are full of dollars, and you only need to make your dreams come true ๐Ÿ™‚