What are the best new money transfer services?

There are so many new money transfer services that it’s now complex to calculate. Let’s explain. The World Bank officially states every quarter about the number of money transfer services in the World. According to it there are more than 500 money transfer services. What the World Bank doesn’t take into account is the number […]

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Send money from South Korea

We are continuing our list of articles and study about “Where do these guys send money to”. And let’s remind it, we study this because it says a lot about the population. “The heart of a population is where they send the money” said Aristote during the first World War, after having cut his own […]

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Is Azimo a good solution to transfer money?

Azimo is a 100% online money transfer platform that has been created in 2012 in the UK and it is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority in the UK). After a year of existence it had already gathered 30,000 clients.     What differentiates Azimo from the rest of money transfer operators is the […]

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Introduction to money transfer services

Money transfers, especially international money transfers for migrants, are a worldwide growing market. Back in 2006, the amount of transfers realised in by migrants in the world reached 300 billion USD. And we estimate at 150 billion USD the amount of transfers we are not able to track.   Attracted by the potential of this […]

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5-steps checklist to choose the best money transfer service

More and more money transfer services exist and allow you to send your money from one country to another. When you have to send your money, it’s difficult to know what is the first step and what is the difference between every solutions. To determine the best money transfer service, you have to follow these […]

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How to compare money transfer services?

It’s important to know that the solution to send money abroad you will use varies according to your needs. Numerous money transfer services are possible to transfer your money but they are all different. Some points have to be compared to find the best service and the best way for you to send money internationally. […]

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A new world has appeared, at last !

We all know that many people lost their jobs, houses… after the subprime crisis in 2008. This crisis is the biggest financial crisis ever encountered in human nature so far. Meanwhile, banks are even bigger today than before the crisis and many things haven’t changed… until recently with for example the appearance of many new […]

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